CashCrop is an online ebook library. The library is mostly filled with "monetizing techniques" ebooks, hence the name CashCrops.


With "CC" as the initials of the brand, a monogram seemed like the perfect choice for the logo. However, I knew that if I wanted to create something unique, I'll have to go with something more on the abstract side, rather than creating yet another generic "CC" monogram.

Logo variations + safe zones:

Green indicates clear space. The green area must be kept free of other elements.

Custom type made to fit the logomark. Can be used as a logotype alone, or in a combination with the logomark.

Color palette:

Color palette with two dominant colors, where each can be used as a background color, or logo color, depending on the graphics. Ebony Clay and Spring Green seemed like a perfect match. Dark blue, almost grey, a color that evokes trust, and professionalism, but also evokes mystery, all of which is fitting due to the nature of these ebooks. Green, on the other hand, is most commonly the color that's connected to cash/money, and again, considering the nature of the ebooks, and the name of the brand, green seemed like a perfect second dominant color.

Spring Green



C: 59%

M: 0%

Y: 74%

K: 0%

Ebony Clay



C: 84%

M: 78%

Y: 48%

K: 52%

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