Bunnymuffins is a TFT(Teamfight Tactics) content creator who does an incredible job helping others improve their gameplay. With such a playful name, going with a mascot logo was the only logical option.


At first, I was thinking of a simple bunny in a muffin cup, and while that would do the job, I felt like more can, and should be done. That’s when I started looking at ways of connecting the logo to the game, TFT. The in-game map is made of hexagons, and on top of that, both origins and classes are displayed as icons, in the shape of the hexagon. With hexagons being present in every aspect of the game, having it as a background element not only made sense, but it also made the logo look more compact.


When talking about gaming and mascot logos, the first thing that comes to mind are those badass-looking Esports mascots, however, considering we’re talking about bunny and muffins, going with more of a cute, also known as “kawaii” style seemed more fitting in this case.
























Color palette:

Same as with the style, considering thr theme of the logo, I've decided to go with the pastel, triad color palette.





With a cute mason logo, defined by thick and rounded lines, it’s only logical to go with a similar type – one that’s also thick and rounded.

Logo variations:

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